To my followers

Yes my blog has MANY guitar pics or guitar related pics (because I work with guitars all the time) however that’s not the only thing I do in my life so there will be posts about other things I enjoy. If you’ve followed for a purely guitar blog I apologize. You may have to see my face sometimes. If there aren’t any unique guitars or tops coming through the shop one day, you’ll see posts about other things, once again I apologize. I felt I should state this because every weekend (when I’m not working) when I post pics of other parts of my life, I lose followers. This is a heads up that its not all guitars all the time.

But I really appreciate those of you that hang with me! I love you guys! Hahaha!

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  1. mmguitarbar said: That happens to me too! Eh, whatever! Keep doing your thing!
  2. apileofsmiles said: You do what you want, gurlfriend!
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